• Anonymous


I love my home and community because it’s in a quiet suburb, close to essential services, hospitals, small businesses with homes all around and locals to say hi too on the streets. My home is disabled access and utility unit with a garden where I can physically function with my disability and stay healthy and active, play with my therapy dog and have outside sunshine and privacy. With determination and a safe home to live in that after my family carers death, moving from a home of 20 years, away from old supportive neighbours, new problems and pain with my disability conditions, I was able to grow beautiful roses from my childhood in a bog area of the new home. Everyone said it couldn’t be done but I managed to grow beautiful roses! People will often tell you what you can’t do when it’s against the normal but when you have a disability they also expect you to do as the normal. I’m 34 and disabled, I’ve faced bullying, harassment and abuse because of it but with a safe home and community I am able to grow, shine and enjoy life, just like this rose on a clear blue sunny day growing in a clay water logged bog garden that no one said it could grow.