Link Housing is a not-for-profit organisation with a charitable mission to provide safe, sustainable and affordable homes to enhance lives and communities.  The organisation has been providing community housing for 36 years and now manages close to 4000 homes for over 6000 people across metropolitan Sydney.

Link Housing conceived of and launched the ‘No Place Like Home’ community art exhibition in 2016 as part of its community engagement strategy. The exhibition provided tenants with the opportunity to reflect on the importance of their home to their lives and show this through art.

In opening the exhibition to all artists – tenants and non-tenants, with or without experience and from all over Australia – Link Housing sought to create an inclusive event that raised the public’s awareness and challenged stereotypes about ‘social housing’, homelessness, and the need for more safe, secure and affordable housing to help the most vulnerable in our community. 

We are proud that over the years the event has increasingly achieved this with a greater number of artists, sponsors, galleries, and patrons participating and supporting each year.

“We are so heartened by the strong interest from the local community who have submitted their artworks. It demonstrates how the exhibition’s theme has really resonated with people who are at home during the pandemic, and the importance of how a home can transform lives” – Bibi Barba, patron of ‘No Place Like Home’ 2020

Visit our website for more information: https://www.linkhousing.org.au/art-exhibition/